Enriching Liver Function

Our Liver is an amazing organ, however it gets treated like  Rodney Dangerfield “It gets NO respect”! We abuse our Liver, with fatty foods, foods filled with sugar processed chemicals, sugary drinks, alcohol, medications and more. Our poor Liver!!

We should all be focused on taking some time through out the year, to help enrich our liver. We can do this with clean healthy foods, drinks, exercise and sleep.

I like to take 2-4 days every few months to spend loving my liver! One of the best ways to treat your liver is with doing fresh juicing, which is nourishing to your liver and the rest of the body. Certain fruits and veggies can “re-charge” the liver. The next few days I will be doing a simple detox for my liver.

I will be drinking 2 juices a day along with salads, clean proteins, water, herbal tea and walking.

Liver Detox Juice

1 cup watermelon

1 cucumber

2 apples

1 lemon

1- 2 inch piece of ginger

Juice and drink!! Happy Healthy Liver!cucumber and watermelon