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Community Herbalist Course 2021


About Course

The Community Herbalist Certification Course is a 12 month course. In this course our focus of study will be on the abilities to guide our bodies in healing, with balanced nutrition, phytochemistry, and emotional well being. We will use many facets of spirituality works in the Native American Medicine Wheel methods of harvest, with honor and dignity, cherishing the Mother Earth, respecting the elements, and harvesting under the moon signs.

What Will I Learn?

  • History of Plant Medicines
  • Common Healing Herbs Local to You
  • Plant Constitution and Properties
  • How to Choose Herbs Based on Healing Properties
  • How to Formulate Remedies
  • How to Gather Herbs in a Sustainable Way
  • How to make tinctures, teas, salves, lotions, oils, herbal sprays, flower essences and more...
  • Identifying Ailments and Lifestyle Changes to Heal
  • Plant Identification Through Virtual Weed Walks

Topics for this course

37 Lessons160h


You are invited to Community Herbalist Course 2020 Graduation00:00:01
Tutor LMS & Google Classroom Tutorial00:08:00
First Day Handout / Syllabus
Zoom Class Link00:00:00
Google Classroom00:00:00

March (3/21) at 1:00pm

April (4/18) at 1:00pm

May (5/23) at 1:00 PM

June (6/20) at 1:00 PM

July (7/18) at 1:00 PM

August (9/15) at 1:00 PM

September (9/19) at 1:00 PM

October (10/24) at 1:00 PM

November (11/14) at 1:00 PM

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Material Includes

  • Workbook
  • Herbs Sent Monthly
  • Live Classes
  • Holiday Gift
  • Mentorship


  • Internet Connection
  • Zoom.us Sign-On *Free
  • Attend Live Class
  • Class Participation
  • Several 2oz Containers
  • Approx 13 hours a month
  • Enthusiasm For Herbs & Healing