A Reflexologist View’s of the feet

We have been blessed to come into this world with feet. From a very young age we have learned how to use these wonderful “Body Parts”. They give us agile motion, in our daily use them for walking, jumping, shifting weight and more.

How many steps do you take a day? How much pressure is placed on the foot with each step? Where is the body ailing or out of balance  and how does it show up in the foot ? When the foot is out of balance so is the ankle, the hips and the back.   Did you know your back ache may stem from your foot being out of balance?

As a Reflexologist all these questions, are the questions I ask when meeting a new client for the first time..

When starting a reflexology session, I observe the color of the skin on the foot, is it healthy pinky/white or is it pale in color the cold in temperature. Where are the calluses, if there are bunions, how are the toes shaped. These signs all tell me about the health of your feet and the health of you body.

What stories do your feet tell today?