Taking time in the garden to restore and renew the soul. Look for our fall lineup

Welcome to the amazing summer of 2023, I hope this finds you are doing well and you are healthy. We have been quiet for some time. However, that does not mean we have not been evolving, revisiting, reinventing, and reestablishing ourselves.

I grew up in Riverton NJ and we are a big sailing town. When we needed to change the direction that the sailboat was moving into, we had to Tack. Which means to turn the boats bow through the wind. For example if the wind is blowing over the port side of the boat, you need to do a port side Tack. Head into the wind.

Last October, I was presented with a Tack: with my shop closing the year before and then the gym where I had a shared space was sold. The Universe gave me the opportunity to ‘reinvest” in myself and my business. Universe said, “go home to your garden, work in the soil, invest in your knowledge of plant energy and teach.”

So, I have done just that.  I will be offering new mini herbal classes, herbal workshops from my yard including making fairy gardens, making herbal first aid kits, Spirit To Sole’s celebrated herbal teas are still for sale on our website, a few Bed and Breakfasts, along with certain farmers markets. Many of our clients are cheering, I will be back doing services such as (reflexology, reiki, and ionic foot detox’s in the fall)

Our exciting new news is that next spring my greenhouse will be up and running again, we will offer many types of Heirloom tomato plants, fig trees, daylilies, some perennials, medicinal herbs and some culinary herbs.

As the winter weather sets in, I will go back to doing Monday Nights “What’s in your cup live” for free on Facebook and “Intuitive Tuesday Nights,” which will be a zoom meeting. We will be asking for an energy donation of $5.00 for that evening.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon, remember in this beautiful lifetime- you can restart, reinvent, readjust, realign, reset, reevaluate, and reestablish! Welcome to being a human………… TACK!!!!


Who I am today, is not who I was last week, and it isn’t who I am going to be next year.


Enjoy a cup of herbal tea!! Jeannie