Got Pet Chickens?

Many local towns are now getting pilot programs to allow homeowners to have up to 4 hens. I grew up around farms with chickens (not pets), but now the modern homeowners wanting Hens for fresh eggs is an awesome idea.

Most modern homeowners have never experienced having chickens, this concept is all new to them. Tending for the chickens longevity, health care, nest care, and coup care is all new!

As an herbalist I understand these concepts. Chickens need much of care to protect them, in all aspects. At Spirit To Sole Connection we now sell nesting herb, which help in calming of the chickens, also herbs to strength the egg shell, and keep pests like lick and ticks off of them. We also carry lavender calming spray for the coup and an Immune tea to keep the chickens from being susceptible to virus’s and other Ills.

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