August’s full Moon

On Monday August 7 we will be experiencing the energies of the next full moon. These energies will be accompanied by the energies of an eclipse. How exciting and how scary are these the energies of change.

Change can be very scary feeling like a slippery slope, a change in energy patterns, a change in mental feelings, a change in physical perspective, a change in the energetic atmosphere, and a change in your perspective of many aspects surrounding you. Are you preparing for the the change?

What tools can we use to prepare for this change? The tools I have been using to get myself ready for this change are, meditation, eating cleanly, stepping back from chaos, staying away from crowds, and trying my best to see my own shadow sides and make peace with them.

Much of my time is spent on respecting, clearing and honoring my “root chakra”. This is where we all hold our personal thoughts of “worthiness, respect for ones self, it is connected directly to our reptilian brain and our psychic sources.  I often pick up the little book “the Four Agreements” and read what page opens naturally. This helps me focus on where I am going today! Today was “take nothing personally”,I will focus on that agreement today to my best ability.