Waving good-bye to Flower Show 2013

Some people go on vacation, Others have interesting types of hobbies. My hubby and I have a very strange hobby/vacation every March. We design, help install exhibits, we enter a display of our own, then attend the Phila. Flower Show every morning to maintain our display’s.

This 12 day work/cation is an awesome experience,to watch the magic of an ugly building turning into a lush gardens full of blossoms, it can also be an emotional roller coaster for many moments and many moments, of true heart felt accomplishments. This year, like other years have provided all of these in a short span of time.

It was a delight to see “old friends”, make new friends. Meehan’s Minature’s, bonsai start plants, are the best! Thank you for your lovely little perfect plants!

Even thought it is just hours after the break down of the 2013 show. Our ideas for next years flower show are already “simmering”.

However, reality is.. that today is Monday. Let the Spring Games begin!!Image