The February Winter Blues..aka S.A.D.

Yes, it is S.A.D. time( seasonal affective disorder).The lack of hours of sunlight in the day, the dreary gloomy days. Welcome to February in NJ. Many people suffer from lack of motivation, feeling sluggish, and just the lack of “kick in their step”. These feelings  can make the month of February a dreaded month.

We herbalist have a few “herbs” up our sleeves that can help to remove this sluken moody feeling.

Ginger, purslane, rosemary and ginko tincture can help the body and brain,feel alive again. Adding these 4 plants to your diet,it can bring “sunshine back to your spirit”.

Ginger -brings a uplifting flavor and antidepressant properties and has been used for centuries to treat anxiety and depression.

Purslane-is filled with magnesium and potassium rich minerals and natural folic acids, with give the brain a boost.

Rosemary-keeps the brain sharp and functioning,with an uplifting aroma, which stimulates the central nervous system.

Ginko- brings blood to the brain, helps calm a busy mind and relieves depression.

A tincture make of these 4 herbs, helps in easing S.A.D. and mild depression.

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