Intuitive Tuesday Circle

Intuitive Tuesday Circle, Learn how to make crystal grids for removing and clearing negative spaces. Reserve Your Seat – $10.00 or Call to reserve your space in class 856-834-0883

Intuitive Tuesday Circle

Lets explore working with moon energies and candle magic.  Lets open the energies for abundance for 2019.  Please reserve your space.

Intuitive Tuesday Circle – Energy Practices

Intuitive Tuesday Circle, Lets explore different energy practices to raise your vibration levels, and how to use these practices to achieve different dimensions. Reserve Your Seat – $20.00

Intuitive Tuesday Circle – Purification Bath Salts

Intuitive Tuesday Circle, we will be making a Reiki Charged Clearing and Purification bath salts. Each student will make a bath salt filled with positive energies to take home and use to charge their own energies. In this class you will learn how to make these bath salts, recipes for more and how to use

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Intuitive Tuesday Circle- Learn to make a Protection Anointing Oil

Intuitive Tuesday Circle- Learn to make a Protection Anointing Oil. We all need protection from Psychic Vampires and negative energies. These oils are mixed with aroma therapy, crystal energies and flower essences. Please call to reserve your seat in class. 856-834-0883 $35.00