Reflexology is a type of therapy that involves massaging the feet to treat and heal an individual’s entire body, restore the body’s natural balance as well as help maintain its equilibrium. Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment for a full range of conditions: back pain, sports injuries, migraines, arthritis, digestive imbalances, hormone imbalances, pregnancy, labor and delivery, sleep disorders and a full range of stress-related conditions.  More…


Reiki Treatments

The practitioner gives treatments by placing their hands in a number of positions on the body , With the intent to heal the Reiki energy begins to flow to the area most in need and therefore no direction by the practitioner is necessary for the energy to work. More…

Ionic Foot Detox – is a gentle way to detox the body, through the feet, while soaking your feet in a warm tub of water.

Herbal Consultations :