Rites of spring

Re-Joyce, re- awakening, re-light my gardening addiction! My soul always celebrates the new signs of spring, it is as if my spirit is starting to re- bloom.

One of my favorite signs of life – re-blooming is the sweet wild viola.

viola and leaves

I adore these sweet little flowers and they are always my first “ritual” of the season. I harvest a big handful of the flowers,as I harvest the flowers I thank Mother Earth, the Fae, and the ancestors for all their blessings. I place  the viola blossoms in a clear glass jar and I fill the jar with the end of last years honey harvest. This jar sits out in the yard, upon some rocks and baths under the full moon light. This is the first of my scared blessed honey’s, to make for the season.

viola honey

Happy Friday and Happy Spring, on Tuesday is the Pink Full Moon– harvest your viola’s!