Here cometh the full moon and a blizzard.

Last Friday the weather forecast got “bigger, doom and gloom”each hour that passed by, was worst then the last hour.   I decided I needed to change my mind set, from “the dreaded”, to the wondrous. This mind set changed easily, knowing that we were also getting  the first full moon of 2016. I had to turn this into an awesome creative time with all the blessed energies.

I decided to make Crystal Essences under the snowy glorious full moon, I started preparing the tools I needed to make my energy elixirs. A crystal elixir is a water based vibrational essences of a Crystal energy. Gems are simply cut and polished crystals, We can use either word gem or crystal.

Crystal Elixirs come with many different names, but all the same products; Gem Waters, Gem Tonics, Gem Essences, Crystal Waters, Crystal Essences, Crystal Tonics.

I mixed different crystals, combining each elements


vibrational energies to make a few custom blended mixes for Chakra Health, Third Eye Health, Clearing Sadness.

These crystal elixirs work nicely with aromatherapy and Flower Essence’s.

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