Happy Friday the 13th and the Full Moon

The energies are ecstatic, they seems very up and down. This is a blessing, it is time to “Let Go” of what no longer serves us to open space for “new”. This is the only Friday the 13th and a full moon all in one time period and it will not happen again, for many years. So ride the wave of “NEW”!

I have chosen to eat clean today- just juices and unprocessed foods. This mornings breakfast juice was  cucumber, carrot and ginger, my lunch time juice is cucumber, watermelon and mint. Both juices are very cooling and healing to the Liver.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they say we hold our anger in our Liver,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”Let it GO”……………….Let it go!!!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday the 13

And Happy Full Rose/ Honey/ Strawberry MoonImage