Calming Back to School Jitters

When the back to school commercials start is “Late June” I still get very nervous!! Yes, it has been oodles of years since I went to school in Sept and it’s been also a life time ago since I got children ready to head back to school also. BUT…. I still get the “flutterbys” in the belly.

There are now ways that I know to help children face this feeling, one way is to start a mini meditation time every morning, before sept. This will help the child prepare their nerves.

Second is to start some lemon balm tea, or glycerine to help the child find a safe place mentally and physically. Lemon balm is easy to find in the garden center, health food store and vitamin shop.  Look for even lemon balm gummies!! Or check out your local herbalist, they too have things to help.

Allow the child to give them selves the drops, they will learn when they need it best.

Happy Back to School soon!! To my grandchildren!!!