Application – Community Herbalist Certification Course – PreCOVID

Welcome to the application process for the Community Herbalist Certification Course.

For over 10 years Spirit to Sole Connection has been building a “Tribe” of natural healers. I am honored to say that 96% of my graduated students have opened their own businesses or have advanced their own healing practices. In this course there have been  chiropractors, doulas, nurses, psychologists, energy workers and more.

The Community Herbalist Certification Course is a 12 month course.  In this course our focus of study will be on the abilities to guide our bodies in healing, with balanced nutrition, phytochemistry, and emotional well being.  We will use many facets of spirituality works in the Native American Medicine Wheel methods of harvest, with honor and dignity, cherishing the Mother Earth, respecting the elements, and harvesting under the moon signs.

The class will study the symptoms of nutrient deficiency and how this may affect the bodily processes.  You will explore how foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals can bring these deficiencies back into harmony.  You’ll also learn about herbal formulation and how to prepare a formula designed for the individual and their particular constitution.

The student will continue to build an herbal material journal primarily focused on the medicinal herbs of New Jersey, the Pine Barrens and Eastern Pennsylvania.

You will learn:

·         The history of plant medicines from Western and Eastern perspectives

·         Plant constitution and properties

·         How to formulate remedies and choose herbs based on their healing properties

·         How to gather herbs that honor the plant, the Earth and their potency

·         How to make tinctures, teas, salves, lotions, oils, herbal sprays, flower essences and more

·         How to identify and treat the system and the underlying condition that is out of balance

·         Actual case studies

·         Seasonal tonics and lifestyle choices that support healthy and create balance with Nature

·         Plant identification based on herbal walks

·         How to create healing allies with plants

Each month the class will learn a system of the body, the common ailments associated with it. You will address the conditions that create disease and use things like food as medicine.  There will be ancient, proven, plant preparations that nourish and support the spirit/mind/body complex.  Each student will identify and explore specific solutions for men, women and children; and the best way to complement new-age pharmaceuticals.

Upon completion of the program, which includes homework and reading assignments totaling approximately 160 hours, you will have hands-on knowledge to create basic remedies that nourish yourself, your family and your community.

Class meets the third Sunday of every month from March 2020-2021, from 1:00pm-4:00pm at Spirit to Sole Connection in Merchantville, New Jersey.

Tuition and Fees: 

The tuition for this one year course is:
$1,800.00 + ($100.00 application fee)
Paid In Full / Cash Payment:
$1,350.00 + ($100.00 application fee)
This payment must be made prior to the first class.
Payment Plan:
  • $800.00 – prior to March class
  • $700.00 – prior to July class
  • $300.00 – prior to November class
Total: $1,800.00 + ($100.00 application fee)
A credit card must remain on file for the payment plan.  All credit card transactions will be run on the second Friday of the respective month.   A student with an unpaid account will not be welcome to class until the account is in good standing.  There are no refunds on tuition.  Any broken Payment Plan contract, after the first $700.00 payment, will incur a $500.00 charge on July 22, 2020.  Students with broken contracts will not be able to attend the rest of the class.
Application fee:
There is a $100.00 application fee for this program.  Please submit a check or request an invoice for this payment.  The application fee will only process, Friday, March 1, 2020, if you are accepted as a student.
There are no refunds on tuition.  Your seat is exclusive and that class will close when seats are filled.  Due to the progressive nature of this course it is not possible to have someone attend in your absence or start mid-course.


Each student must have an interview at Spirit to Sole Connection.  This is a one-on-one chat to get to know your instructor, ask questions, and see if this course is a “good fit”.  You will receive a syllabus, information on supplies needed, and confirm financial information.  All of your work will come to you by email the Monday before the class so that you may print it out and read before hand. YOU must have a working computer and the ability to print at home for this class.

You will receive a phone call after your application is received to schedule an interview.  Interviews will start in January.


Perfect attendance is very important as each session will build on the next.  Spirit to Sole Connection will excuse one absence if notified in advance.  An excused absence will get you additional class materials (if applicable) emailed so you may continue to study and prepare for your next session.  No herbs, supplies, or other hands on materials will be provided and they may not be available as make-up work due to the freshness and sustainability of the same.  There are no tuition refunds for absent classes.

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