A cup of tea with reflection

It is All- Hallows Eve a time to remember those that have gone before us. This morning I sat and opened my heart & third eye energies , I asked to spend a few seconds of time with my grandmother’s. Giving this intention to the Universe.

As I began washing the dishes from last nights late snack, Clara Muetz(my paternal grandmother) came to me. I felt her hug, I saw her eyes of sparklie brown, in my minds eye- this lead to a view of many family gatherings. At first I could smell strong coffee, wafflin by my nose and my scenses filled with the scent of her apple strudel baking. I felt her presents and I thanked her for her gifts.

Two hours later I went to the grocery store and ran into my grandmother Frances McLaughlin’s( my maternal grandmother) neighbor, by now Mrs Harris is a very old lady, she was being helped by someone and I didn’t want to disturb them. As I walked along the grocery store isle, I heard someone whistling a song from my 1940 “Sweetheart. Sweetheart”, I knew my grandmother  was sending me a message. Quick of wit, humor, creative, with eyes bluer then the sky above. Thank you, I am in total gratitude for my ancestors whom foraged the path before me!

Tonight take some time to “Cherish were you came from”, let your ancestors know how important they are to you in this time called “human Life”.

Picture of my grandfather William McLaughlin!william-mclaughlingrandpop