Your foot tells the stories of your life

As a reflexologist, I can tell many things by looking at your feet. I can see if your back is out of balance, it throws your hip and then your knee out of alignment. This shows up as padded callus’ on different area’s of your feet.

Worts on your feet tell me you have a lingering virus in your body. Hammer toes tell me your sinus’s get infected alot and you have worn too tight of shoes or high heels.

Different shades of pink or red tell me certain organs in the body are inflammed. Swollen toes tell me you have allergy issues and the sinus’s are reacting. Swollen tips of the big toe tell me your a headach and migrane suffer.

If you have inflammed heels, the story tells me you have inner gut issues…… And Yes if your second toe is longer then your big toe,,, it tells me many things about you

Now take some time to observe your own feet,,,, are they telling you anything?

See a Reflexologist and learn what your feet are really saying about your health.

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