Memories of July’s Earth Energy Gifts

In my mind’s eye, the memories of childhood hold a sacred place. They are the sacred spaces that have made me whom I am today. My childhood was filled with connecting Earth energies, to plants of all types, sizes, and colors. My soul has always adored all things that grow.  Every plant, flower, and tree holds a magical story to tell. Tales of life in the past, stories of the amazing new world soon to be happenings. Have you listened lately?

As a young child, I cherished laying under the canopy of the leaves during the summer breezes, listening to the rustling melody as the leaves danced and the tales they told of long ago. Their lyrics told me secrets of to who I was and what I was going to be when I grew up.

I learned many lifetime lessons from plants such as trees, bushes, flowers and grasses, each new season hold magical lessons to observe, listen and then react. Lately, I have been too busy with everyday life, I am missing my Earth guidance. Today I am reminded to take time to listen

I have learned lessons from trees to strenghten me in this life time, each seasons new leaves tell of new dreams and adventures.