Body cleansing and detoxing

I have set out on an adventure, this week. I felt it was time to detox the body, the mind and the spirit.

For the body, I am on a 12 days juice and raw foods journey. It has been 6 days so far, the sugar craving have left and so has the “gluten” craving. I keep myself full of fresh juices and fresh veggies & fruit.

Every day I drink 2 green juices 12 ounces each of cucumber, kale, celery, green apple, and parsley. In the evening I drink 14 ounces of green apple, ginger, beet and celery. Each day for lunch and dinner I have a kale salad, with what every looks good from the garden or frig. Every night I have been having frozen fruits whipped with some herbs, my favorite so far is watermelon with mint or banana, apple and pear with ginger. Even hubby thinks they are good.

For my mind detox, I have been listening to 3 different Cd’s with guided meditations. I am waking up at 5:30am to wake in a calm easy way and mEvery day, I write one thing I forgive myself for. Such as, not thinking I am good enough, for letting people cross my boundries and then I get mad (maybe even blow up at them–but it was so deserved). Each night I light a green candle and burn my writing…”give it off to the Universe to tend to”.

To my Spirit: I give LOVE and EXCEPTANCE………

I am Who I am……

I can be whom ever I want to be…..

Each Day I CHOOSE to find the highest good in Me and in Others!……

tonight I’ll be doing a body detox bath, dry bushing my whole body and letting the toxins come out.. both body, mind and spirit


Gift yourself today,,,,, with a GIFT of Unconditional Love!!