Early Spring Tea

“An early spring warmth arrival,” is the event on this March 1st 2016 day. I have restarted my early morning walk meditation routine, which I had let go of over the cold months. It felt good to be in the quiet of the still morning and among nature’s miracles.

Today, Ma’ Nature presented her evidence, showing me many tree limbs that were filled with leaf buds pushing forth to fill and to bloom. My soul again felt the gratitude for this Aha moment. A renewal of a cycle of life, to bud, to leaf, to flower, to seed and to pass.

In the keeping of that theme, I gathered up herbs to make my tea for today.

1 Teaspoon Red Raspberry Leave

1 Teaspoon Lemon Balm

1 Teaspoon of Last summers pink rose petals

1 Teaspoon Fennel seeds

1 Teaspoon Ginger Root( dried)


Mix together. Add 1 teaspoon of dried herbal mix to 8 ounces hot water, steep 3-4 minutes and enjoy.Sweeten to your taste

Enjoy the path you are on today, cherish each moment. Stop, for a moment today for a cup of tea and celebrate March 1st. 2016!!

tea pot